Use Web GUI

For those who want to quickly test out the functionalities of Randcast without having to set up a local Solidity development environment, we recommend the following steps.

Use our Subscription Management Web Portal to:

  • Create, fund, and cancel subscriptions.

  • Add and delete consumer contracts for an existing subscription.

  • View and analyze historical and pending requests and events.

Note: Due to connection issues with RPC endpoint, Redstone Holesky Testnet and Taiko Katla Testnet are not supported yet.

Use Remix to:

  • Code, build, debug, and deploy your consumer contract.

  • Request randomness via your consumer contract.

Note: A browser extension wallet is required. (We use Metamask in our examples.)

In the next section, we will navigate you through the Subscription Management Web Portal functionalities.

You can jump to the Remix section for a step-by-step guide to customizing and deploying your consumer contract.

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