Becoming a node & get rewarded


The ARPA BLS-TSS Network consists of multiple groups of nodes. Within a group, each node is responsible for completing a BLS task (generating a BLS-TSS signature jointly with the other nodes of the group).

In order to ensure timely and accurate responses from nodes, each node in the network needs to follow the mechanism of staking and slashing. Currently we are integrating Eigenlayer to leverage ETH restaking to further secure network security. Therefore there are two paths to enter the network, by participating native staking or becoming a whitelisted Eigenlayer operator.


There are up to four types of rewards a node can earn if acted responsibly in a timely manner:

  • Randomness submission reward

    • 1 ARPA each time a node successfully submits a randomness result.

  • BLS-TSS task reward

    • 1 ARPA each time a node completes a BLS-TSS task.

  • DKG post-process reward

    • 60 ARPA each time a node completes the DKG post-proccess task during node grouping.

  • Community staking delegation reward (by native staking only)

    • 5% (up to 75,000 ARPA monthly) of the total community staking reward will be evenly distributed among all the delegated nodes. (Note: this reward can only be claimed when the node exits the network)

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